Natural Wonder

Enjoy EXCLUSIVE access to this Rain Forest reserve. Escape the crowds and explore pristine rainforest at its best. There are over 2 miles of private hiking trails onthe property, the reserve covers

over 18 hectares of primary and secondary rainforest and adjoins

the Volcano Tenorio National Park. Costa Rica’s rain forest is

ranking #1 in the world in biodiversity per area per unit, is a very outstanding magical natural sanctuary with abundance of

shapes, colors and sounds, inhabited by a sort of species like

butterflies, red eye tree frog, blue jeans frog, Toucans, monkeys, Sloths and Tapir, endangered animal and sighting here. This all-

day tour also introduces travelers to one of Costa Rica’s most incredible sights- the enchanting Río Celeste.

The tour include



Bilingual Tour


Guided Private


Drinks & Foods

The river’s color is the result of the chemical mixture of sulfur

and carbonate, which originates in the nearby Tenorio Volcano.

Río Celeste’s color is a true natural wonder and you’ll have the

chance to swim on it. Local legend says that when God painted

the sky, he washed his blue brushes in this river and that is how

the water obtained its magnificent blue color. Once the easy

hike is completed, you’ll be rewarded with a you’ll be rewarded

with a delicious Costa Rican meal in the magical restaurant in

the middle of the rain forest surrounded by mother nature.

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