Enjoy travelling to the rain forest comfortably in the revitalizing paths full of nature and wildlife. In front of the majestic Arenal Volcano you can admire its beauty and the wonderful forest that surrounds it,

as well as a reserve populated with wildlife in their natural habitat that will allow you an encounter with the roots of the human


The tour include



Bilingual Tour


Guided Private


Drinks & Foods

A trail of 2 miles in total will allow you to enjoy the rain forest attractive with a total of 16 bridges. The strategic position and height of each of the bridges allows you to observe from a favorable perspective the different species living in an ecosystem with a perfect balance. After a great day, we will visit the best and amazing hot springs property in the area, where you will have the perfect time for lunch and relaxation, connecting yourself with nature, and enjoying the benefits of the minerals from the volcanic hot springs.

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