A rain

forest jewel

Considered a natural treasure that even Costa Ricans have only just recently discovered, this amazing tour is the perfect combination of the rain forest, volcano, thermal river, waterfalls, wildlife and ecotourism in its purest form. A thermal spring gurgle out of crevices in the jungle, under the watch of centennial trees, water from the creeks cheerily dance over stones, racing each other and joining one another in daring leaps into bright pools of hypnotic crystal-clear water. You will be amazed with the whimsical bright color of this inviting pools crated by mother nature.

The tour include



Bilingual Tour


Guided Private


Drinks & Foods

Jump in to experience the rush and strength of the river. Know that you’re at the heart of an untouched secret, where water has flowed

for as long as the volcano has existed. After a great day enjoying the marvels of Mother Nature, a delicious lunch awaits you to help you recharge your batteries. Afterwards, you will return to your place of

stay with your mind full of good memories.

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